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I love walking around the building and seeing what the students, your children, are doing in classes each day. Here’s a sneak peek at what I saw this week:

  • Ms. Bates’ was using her smart board with her second-grade students to make ten’s.
  • 8th grade science students were participating in a super worm lab. Students collected data to analyze and create distance/time and position/time graphs.
  • Pastor Lonnie Harris spoke in chapel on what is means to be a part of the family of God and gave us a little insight into what it was like growing up in his family and some lessons learned.
  • 8th grade Bible students worked in our updated courtyard space for class this week on personal journal assignments.
  • 8th grade science students collected data to calculate and compare average speeds of different wind-up toys.
  • Mrs. Groom began library programs, in the library, after an 18 month pause. We are so excited to have students moving throughout our building again this year!
  • Second grade PE students were learning basketball dribble skills when I stopped by the gym this week.
  • It’s red day in the PreK today!
  • It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! Check out our social media pages for a daily Hispanic Heritage highlight!
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  • Keep up with important dates on our website calendar all year long at 
  • Mid quarter progress reports will be emailed out on Friday, October 8 for grades 1-8.
  • There will be no school on October 14-15 as they are professional development days for FCS staff.

A note from Forcey Bible Church Pastor Foster:

Ms. Bates provided encouragement for staff devotions today. Decree and declare! Is there anything you need to decree and declare over your life or the life of your family today: healing, blessing, strength, provision, wisdom, or equipping? God’s word has everything we need to live victoriously as Christians in Jesus’ name.

Have a great weekend!

Cheri L. Vislay, M. Ed.
Principal, Forcey Christian School
We Are Family!

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