After School Activities

After School Clubs

Forcey offers enrichment opportunities for elementary and middle schoolers in the form of after school clubs.


In addition to our in-class STEM activities, FCS partners with The Great Adventure Lab to offer after-school clubs for our elementary students.  FCS hosts seven-week clubs such as Space Engineers, Lego Engineering, and Storybook Science. Lego Robotics and Video Game Programming are among the most popular clubs. Our fall session offers a variety of clubs for children in first through fifth grades. The spring session is also open to kindergartners.

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports League is an after school enrichment program that will provide intramural football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, and track for our K through 5th grade students. This program will also provide a structure and safe environment that aims to create the total student-athlete. Each student will learn and improve socially and physically. FCS is contracting with Trax Sports to oversee the Intramural Sports league after school club.


Beginning in fourth grade, students may join the school band.  Elementary school band opportunities include beginner and advanced band.  Students have the opportunity to continue band as an in-school advanced band elective in middle school.  Forcey also has an invite-only jazz band that tackles classics with a jazz twist. Band students perform for parents and students during school chapel, concerts and occasionally during open houses.


Students in first through fifth grade who love to sing and stretch themselves vocally can choose to participate in the after-school choir for elementary school.  Choir students perform during school chapel, concerts and occasionally during open houses.

Chess Club

In fourth through eighth grade, Forcey offers a chess club at beginner and middle technique levels. Children may study new strategy as well as play peers for competition practice.  In middle school, students may also choose chess as a class elective during school hours. Forcey has won the ACSI Regional Chess Competition for the last two years in the elementary and middle school level competition.

Spanish Club

At the elementary level for first through fifth grade, Forcey offers a weekly after school Spanish language acclimation program to familiarize students to pronunciation and basic vocabulary of the language.  Fourteen weeks of classes divide students by age to best meet the needs of students.

Drawing Club

The Drawing Club helps to introduce new concepts of drawing to students of different levels. The students are introduced to various drawing tools and styles of drawing. The students enjoy learning how to shade solid figures, create optical illusions, draw real life objects, and create zantangle and tangram design patterns

Before and After Care

Forcey 360 is the name of the before and after school care program at Forcey.  Students may register weekly or use on a day-to-day basis.  Care begins at 6:30 a.m. for before care and ends at 6 p.m. for after care.