Re-registration for the 2022-23 school year

Please proceed if you are a current or returning family. If you are a new family and would like to apply to Forcey Christian School, please visit Application Process under the Admissions tab and follow the steps provided.

Step One:

Fill out the form and acknowledgement.

Step Two:

You will receive an email from Joanne Heater, Student Accounts Manager, with instructions to complete the next steps in the Re-registration process, which includes re-enrollment fees.

Re-enrollment Fee Schedule¹:

One Child $300
Two Children or more $600
Admin Fee $50
Credit Card Transaction Fee Applies 2.85%

¹FBC church members do not pay re-enrollment for the first child. Details will be provided in the email.

Step Three:

Once you receive your email from Joanne Heater. Please follow the detailed instructions.

Important - In order to be officially re-registered, please review the checklist below:

  • The re-enrollment fee along with any applicable fees must be paid through Smart Tuition
  • The family account is current in tuition payments
  • For new sibling(s)—
  • Up to date information in the Health Portal