Faculty and Staff

Forcey Teachers and Staff

FCS teachers, administration and staff are Christian, qualified professionals who feel called to minister to children. Each brings talent and a calling to their job whether it be in the office, classroom, cafeteria, or elsewhere. One hundred percent of our professionals love God and love children.

Our Administration

Principal Cheri Vislay joined FCS administration in 2017 in her 23rd year at FCS. Prior to joining the administration, Principal Vislay had previously taught second grade, fourth grade, World History, American History, Computer Skills and Yearbook. She has a Masters in Education Administration from the University of Phoenix. Principal Vislay has dedicated her time as Principal to serving students and faculty needs and creating new formats for parent involvement.

Assistant Principal Terrance Lawrence joined FCS administration in 2021. Assistant Principal Lawrence’s previous experience in School Administration includes: MS / HS Principal at Griffin Christian School and K12 Principal of North Pole Christian School. He has a B.S. in Business Administration from Upper Iowa University. He earned his M.B.A from the University of Phoenix, where he currently is writing his dissertation, in pursuit of his Doctorate in Education Leadership. Additional notable experiences in education include; teaching students K-12th grade; instructing college students and adult learners, and leading children’s and adult Sunday School classes. He has accumulated thousands of volunteer hours mentoring the youth and leading children’s ministries.

FCS administration encourages on-going training, observation and professional development for each staff member.

Prekindergarten Teachers

FCS Pre-K teachers and aides have a special devotion to our Little Forcey Falcons, nurturing children emotionally as well as academically. There is a full-time teacher and aide in each preschool classroom.

Qualities of Our Prekindergarten Teachers:

  • 100% certified by either ACSI, the state or both
  • More than 50 years teaching experience within the preschool team
  • Monthly professional development
  • 100% First aid certified
  • Innovative in age-appropriate curriculum integration
  • A love for counting to 100 days of school and bringing individual gifts and talents to the classroom, such as photography, cooking and art.

Elementary Teachers

FCS Elementary School teachers know how to strengthen talents and develop deeper curiosity in your child, while building foundational concepts and critical thinking skills to support success in diverse learners.

Qualities of Our Elementary Teachers:

  • 94% certified by either ACSI, the state or both
  • Divided into grade-level teams for on-going professional collaboration
  • Between 30 to 70 years teaching experience per grade level
  • Monthly professional development
  • 12 graduate degrees in education related fields
  • A love of hands-on learning through career days, create-your-own business, field trips, state fairs and colonial fairs

Middle School Teachers

Middle school is a particularly sensitive time for learners. The physical, social and cognitive changes that students go through in the early teen years are critical. In addition, middle school is an extremely important academic preparatory time for high school. Navigating the needs of our middle school students requires teachers who are committed to mentoring, encouraging intrinsic motivation and challenging students to reach beyond perceived limitations.

Qualities of Our Middle School Teachers:

  • 88% certified by either ACSI, the state or both
  • Divided into both grade-level and vertical subject teams for on-going professional collaboration
  • More than 10 years average teaching experience
  • Monthly professional development
  • Seven graduate degrees in education related fields
  • A love for walking tight ropes and getting to the bottom of mood swings

Our Staff

We are well-equipped with excellent staff that assist students, parents and teachers in the big and small areas of need outside of the classroom including:

  • A full-time nurse
  • Resource teachers for both remedial and enrichment support
  • Cafeteria aides
  • Preschool aides
  • Elementary aides
  • Recess aides
  • Security personnel
  • Office support staff
  • Full-time media center teacher with support staff
  • Full-time art teacher
  • Full-time music teacher
  • Full-time physical education teacher