Middle School

6th through 8th Grade

Our middle school students in sixth through eighth grade grow and develop in an environment that minimizes the distractions associated with the middle school years.  Teachers partner with parents to help our children through a critical time in their development.

At the conclusion of 8th grade, many Forcey students are accepted into magnet programs for athletic, academic and leadership qualifications in both private and public schools in the area.  Forcey students are well prepared to excel in high school wherever they may go.


With a morning homeroom and seven period day, students explore, learn and are challenged according to state and national standards.  Class size averages between 15 and 18 students in the core subject areas of:

  • Language Arts
  • Writing
  • Bible
  • PreAlgebra, Algebra, and Geometry
  • Science
  • History
  • Spanish
  • Art

A middle school-wide Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program was introduced in 2014 to take advantage of student expertise with their own devices to enhance teaching and learning.


Middle school students also have physical education weekly, as well as opportunities to participate in various athletic teams.  Music can be incorporated into one of three different levels of band.  Yearly retreats, field trips, and a wide range of elective choices add real-life dimensions to the spiritual, social and academic disciplines.  Some elective choices are:

  • Robotics
  • Everyday Engineering
  • Fitness
  • Yearbook
  • Chess
  • Computer Programming
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Band and Choir
  • Drama