Dress Code Policy 2018

Updated Dress Code Policy in Parent Handbook for 2018-19

In an attempt to promote unity in the FCS community and create a positive learning environment that helps students focus on academics and appropriate conduct, FCS is updating the Dress Code Guidelines for the 2018-19 school year for grades K through 8. This is also reflected in the parent handbook which will be emailed the first week of school. Please read over the dress code guidelines with your student. Dress code guidelines will be enforced.

Children should dress in simple, neat play clothes. They may not wear shirts with pictures of monsters or any inappropriate images or slogans. They should wear appropriate shoes for recess activities and dress warmly for winter outdoor play. Shorts and skirts should sit mid-thigh to knee. Clothing should be appropriately-sized so that undergarments are not visible, including lines through the material or outer garments. Midriffs may not be exposed. Students may not wear muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, leggings or yoga pants, hoods/caps inside the building, or earbuds or headphones of any kinds. Hoodies will be treated as coats and may not be worn inside the building. If a student violates FCS dress guidelines they will be sent to the office to change into sweatpants and/or FCS t-shirt with the following consequences:

  • First offense, warning #1 write up in Renweb with notification to parents
  • Second offense, warning #2 write up in Renweb with notification to parents and demerit assigned
  • Third offense, write up in Renweb with demerit assigned and notification to parents, recess/after school detention assigned.