COVID-19 Info

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will remote access to the classroom continue throughout the year?

Yes, all FCS teachers will maintain remote access capabilities to the classroom throughout the year for families who choose to keep their children home or during any quarantine or stay-at-home order.

Will Forcey 360  provide care for students who are on the home rotation of the schedule?


Will the school or impacted classroom be closed if a child or staff person tests positive for Covid?

If a teacher or student tests positive for Covid-19, students in that classroom only will have to quarantine at home for 14 days.

What is the group size for middle school classes?

The maximum amount of students in a middle school class will be 16.

What is the maximum amount of students in an elementary class?

The maximum amount of students in an elementary class is 15.

What is the maximum amount of students in a PreK classroom?

The maximum amount of students in a PreK classroom will be 13.

Will middle school students rotate classes  for different subjects?

Middle school students will stay in the same classroom for all classes including lunch. Middle school teachers will move throughout the day.

What is the rational for keeping school fees the same although there will likely be no field trips?

Field trips are paid for with activity fees. FCS will not collect any activity fees for field trips for the 2020-2021 school year. If a field trip takes place in the spring, parents will pay at the time of the trip.

Will staff and children be required to wear face coverings?

All persons age 5 and up in the FCS building will be required to wear a mask for the day. FCS will build safe times for students to take breaks from masks, for example outdoor breaks where students are socially distant.

Will the school be providing equipment for students who don’t have access to computers at home?

FCS will make accommodations for technology equipment for those who qualify.

How will children who need access to a resource person for assistance with special needs get access?


How will recess be handled?

The recess schedule will be adjusted to allow each class an opportunity to have recess outside with fewer students, weather permitting.

Will there be any large group meetings?

FCS will stream chapel and affirmations into classrooms at the appropriate time. No large group meetings will take place.

Will we be charged the same tuition if we keep our child at home to access the classroom remotely?

Tuition for all students will remain the same. The majority of our tuition goes to pay staff salaries, fixed building costs, and curriculum. All of these will still need to be paid even if students access the class remotely.

How will lunch be handled?

Students will eat lunch in their classrooms. Teacher’s assistants or other staff members will cover lunch so teachers will be able to have a break.

Who is going to ensure that all common areas, such as the bathroom is kept clean?

Our cleaning company, JanPro, will follow all Covid 19 protocol to ensure the building is cleaned properly and on a strict schedule. Staff members will wipe down surfaces and door knobs on a schedule throughout the day. Students will take frequent hand-washing breaks.

Will parents be notified when someone has been exposed to Covid-19 or if a staff member tests positive for Covid-19?

Yes, we have set up a system of notification that we will publicize soon.

What is the online instruction schedule going to look like?