Elementary School (K-5)

Elementary School (K-5)

Students entering our elementary school program engage in authentic learning experiences from the day they walk into kindergarten. By the end of fifth grade, students will have acquired solid foundational skills to lead to success throughout their academic careers.


FCS Elementary 1st GradeStudents finishing our kindergarten program are expected to be readers somewhere on the spectrum between emergent and fluent, enabling them to read across the curriculum once they advance to first grade.  In grades 1 through 5, our students build foundational content knowledge with supportive class environments and differentiated instruction to foster excitement for the world God has made. We offer advanced reading and writing classes as well as academic support for those who need it. All teachers focus on:

  • an interactive conceptual understanding approach to mathematics
  • creative and engaging language arts
  • an introduction to the diversity of our world in social studies
  • inquiry-based hands-on science investigations and
  • study of the richness of God’s Word and character in their Bible classes.


Additionally, language clubs, STEM clubs, STEMband, physical education, music, chess clubs and a host of other enrichment opportunities are made available to our students. Students in grades 1 – 8 also take the nationally normed, standardized Terra Nova battery of tests each spring.