Curricular Program


Bible is taught daily throughout the entire school year. The purpose of Bible instruction at Forcey Christian School is to produce students who are equipped to defend the Christian faith, forcefully advance the Kingdom of God, and become more fully devoted followers of Christ, reaching their full potential academically, socially, and spiritually. This all begins with having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and growing in that relationship through prayer, praise and worship, and meditation on God’s word. Our students will learn essential truths in God’s word that will allow them to stay on course for God’s purpose (Matthew 22:29).Forcey Christian School students learn the doctrinal tenets of Christianity, have an opportunity to receive salvation, and learn to be competent with their Bible. Our 3 and 4-year old prekindergarten students utilize the Holy Bible and ABeka curricular resources to accomplish our Bible instructional goals. Students begin memorizing Bible verses in the 3-year old class and continue to delve progressively deeper into scripture as they matriculate.

In our Kindergarten – 5th grade Bible program, the Holy Bible and Positive Action for Christ are the resources of choice. Bible journaling engages our students in critical thinking around God’s word. Weekly activities include writing about life application of scripture; reading and answering questions about specific Bible verses; scripture memorization; and other activities. Our 6th – 8th grade Bible courses use the Holy Bible and a variety of other extra Biblical curricular resources to accomplish their objectives (Including Route 66 and Dynamic Christian Living from Positive Action for Christ.).


Science is for the understanding and exploration of God’s creation. Scientific inquiry cannot be undertaken outside of an understanding of God as Creator. Science also gives a unique insight into God’s character through the splendor of His creation (Romans 1:20). The science program at Forcey Christian School is an inquiry-based program in which students have the opportunity to engage not only in reading about scientific concepts, but also real inquiry, application, and employment of the scientific method. The Forcey Christian School science program is aligned with a Christian worldview, the Maryland State Department of Education Voluntary Curriculum, National Content Standards, and insights from the National Academy of Sciences 2011 document, A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas. Forcey Christian School utilizes Full Option Science System (FOSS) as its primary science curricular resource. Nature of Science Note: All truth is God’s truth and science seeks to discover God’s truth in the study of His creation. In that process of study, science is tentative, theory-laden, requires investigation and observation to construct knowledge/discover God’s truth in his Creation. Science knowledge is not acquired from authorities (i.e. textbooks), but rather from investigation and experimentation.


Math – God has blessed His creation with time and innumerable things to count, as well as measure. In order to be good stewards of all that God has blessed us with in His creation, the basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are a must as well as the understanding of higher order math concepts. Because of the need for order and precision in mathematics, our students will also be able to better exercise good stewardship of the resources our God has given us, for He is a God of order. (Isaiah 28:10, Exodus 30:13)

The Forcey Christian School instructional objectives for mathematics were comprised based upon a Biblical worldview, standards from the National Council for Teaching Mathematics (NCTM) and the Maryland State Department of Education Voluntary Curriculum and Common Core Standards. Forcey Christian School utilizes enVision Math published by Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley as its primary instructional resource for the elementary school. McGraw Hill/Glencoe textbook resources are utilized for middle school math (Middle School Math Course 1 to Geometry).


Language – God’s use of language (words) to establish the earth in the beginning and the Bible’s repeated admonitions to carefully use the power of verbal communication (Proverbs 15: 2, 4, 7, 23, 28 / Proverbs 12: 14, 18 / Proverbs 18:21), as well as all components of the language arts (Habakkuk 2:2, Deuteronomy 6:9, 1 Corinthians 4:6, John 20:31), both serve to underscore the importance of the language arts. Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling/Vocabulary, and Effective Verbal Communication are 5 core areas of study/instruction received by students of Forcey Christian School. With these core areas there is an emphasis on integrating our instructional efforts into our reading and literature instead of teaching the core areas in isolation.

**Our pre-kindergarten program utilizes Big Day curricular resources from McGraw Hill to support the building of language arts foundations in our students. Pre-kindergarten students continue mastering letter and sound recognition, as well getting a firm foundation of phonics instruction.

**Our middle school program utilizes Glencoe Literature curricular resources.


Grammar – Understanding the structural relationships in language and the rules implicit in a language both serve as a springboard for great readers, writers, and verbal communicators. Our grammar instruction is not delivered in isolation, but rather integrated into our reading program. Journeys, from McGraw Hill, is the main instructional resources used in grades K – 5. As students read and complete activities within the Journeys program, grammar is focused on in context. Our Writing Across the Curriculum focus also provides opportunities for students to practice proper grammar within the context of the various disciplines of study. There is an expectation for proper grammar and spelling in writing produced by our students, no matter the subject area or context.

Social Studies

Social Studies is for the purpose of teaching our students about the people, places, events, and systems in the world around us. From learning about their own neighborhoods, our students progressively expand their understanding of their surroundings to the people interactions, government systems, economic systems, and history that has shaped the world, as well as the geography which is the stage on which all of this has taken place. The history and geography of our world begin with God and are focused on one end: all being drawn unto God.


Technology is integrated into both teaching and learning at Forcey Christian School. There are Stem, Robotics and Destination Imagination clubs at the elementary level, Robotics electives at the middle school level, 4th and 5th grade teachers integrate the use of Chromebooks in instruction via an ample supply of student FCS student Chromebooks and our middle school has a Bring Your Own Device program, as well as Chromebook and laptop carts for student use throughout the program.