Re-registration for the 2019-20 school year.

Please proceed if you are a current or returning family. If you are a new family and would like to apply to Forcey Christian School, please visit Application Process under the Admissions tab and follow the steps provided.

Step One:

Fill out the form and acknowledgement.

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Child #1 – Highest Grade

Child #2 – Next Highest Grade

Child #3 – Next Highest Grade

Child #4 – Next Highest Grade

Financial Agreement

By typing your initials next to each section, you acknowledge that you have READ and ACCEPT the terms and conditions.

Financial Agreement Part 1:

I/We understand that upon signing this agreement, all fees are due in full by May 15 of the school’s year end. Further I/We acknowledge the school has the right to terminate the attendance of my student for the failure of the parent to maintain their financial obligation to Forcey Christian School.

Financial Agreement Part 2:

I/We understand that if any payment is not made within thirty (30) days of the due date, the student’s continued enrollment may be suspended and Forcey Christian School is under no obligation to provide services, educational or otherwise, to said student.

Financial Agreement Part 3:

I/We understand if my student withdraws, or is suspended or dismissed from Forcey Christian School for any reason on or after August 15, 2019, a withdrawal fee with one month’s tuition per student will be assessed. If a prepayment has been made, the refund will be prorated from the day of withdrawal. Registration fees will not be returned or prorated for any reason. Forcey Christian School is not responsible for any late Smart Tuition fees you incur on tuition or activity fees.

Financial Agreement Part 4:

I/We understand in the event that prior or present obligations have not been met; any sum paid for any purpose including registration deposit for a future year will be applied first to the satisfaction of prior and/or current obligations.

Financial Agreement Part 5:

I/We understand in the event that prior or present financial obligations to FCS including miscellaneous fees have not been met; registration for the upcoming school year will not be permitted until all financial obligations to date of registration have been paid in full. I/We also understand that if financial obligations to FCS are not met, transcripts, report cards, and records will be held and Renweb access will be terminated.

Financial Agreement Part 6:

I/We understand that if semi-annual and annual payments are to be made in full by the due date. Failure to do that will result in your account being switched to monthly and charged at the monthly rate.

Financial Agreement Part 7:

I/We understand that if for any reason our account is forced into collection, cost associated with the collections process will be accrued and added to the outstanding balance, which is owed to the school. It is understood that delinquent accounts of 60 days may be sent to a collection agency. If my/our account is assigned to a third party collection agency for collection or placed with an attorney to obtain judgement or otherwise satisfy payment of said account, a collection fee equal at minimum to 33 1/3 % of unpaid balance will be added to the account. I agree to pay such fees. I further agree to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees and courts cost associated with the collection of my/our account.

By typing your name below, you are signing the financial agreement and fully understand that you have agreed to adhere to the financial terms and conditions set forth above.

Step Two:

You will receive an email from Joanne Heater, Student Accounts Manager, with instructions to complete the next steps in the Re-registration process, which includes re-enrollment fees.

Re-enrollment Fee Schedule¹:

One Child $300
Two Children or more $600
Admin Fee $50
Credit Card Transaction Fee Applies 2.85%

¹FBC church members do not pay re-enrollment for the first child. Details will be provided in the email.

Step Three:

Once you receive your email from Joanne Heater. Please follow the detailed instructions.

Important – In order to be officially re-registered, please review the checklist below:

  • The re-enrollment fee along with any applicable fees must be paid through Smart Tuition
  • The family account is current in tuition payments
  • For new sibling(s)—
    • Acceptance Letter for new sibling(s) upon completing:
      1. Application (Click Here for Application)
      2. Assessment for new sibling(s), regardless of grade
  • Up to date information in Care Docs