April 30 is the Forcey Christian School FunRunRaiser 


CLASS SPONSORS LINKS ARE OPEN!  CLICK HERE and scroll to find your runner’s class!

A day of racing, fun, music, cheers and live updates on our FunRunRaising progress. Come volunteer and also RUN the course with your child!  We want lots of parents there!  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

April 23-26 is our More Than Conquerors Showcase

Be sure to pick up your kids in person because at dismissal we’ll be showcasing all the ways we are More Than Conquerors with LIVE demonstrations!  *In case of rain, showcases will be indoors.

  • Monday, April 23 — Prayer Tent is up in the morning!  Chorus Showcase at dismissal.
  • Tuesday, April 24 — Band Showcase at dismissal
  • Wednesday, April 25 — Art Showcase at dismissal
  • Thursday, April 26 — Students dress for their Dream Career Day, Science Showcase at dismissal

Monday, April 30 is the FunRunRaiser!

Students will participate in fun physical activity for 20 minutes.  The schedule is below. 


  • 9:00-9:20 PreKindergarten classes (PreK 3 on Thursday at 9:30)
  • 9:25-9:45 Kindergarten classes 
  • 9:50-10:10 1st  
  • 10:15-10:35 3rd and 4th 
  • 1:30-1:50 5th and 6th 
  • 1:55-2:15 7th and 8th 
  • 2:20  2nd
  • 2:45 Clean up 

Class Incentives

Classes work as teams, find sponsors, and compete to win prizes based on the most money raised per student!  We have inflatable (bouncy house, obstacle course, and fun!) parties based on which FCS class raises the most money per student by Monday, April 30.

  • FIRST PLACE –  One-hour bouncy inflatable time and pizza party!
  • SECOND PLACE – One-hour bouncy inflatable time and popsicles!
  • THIRD and FOURTH PLACE – Forty-five minutes inflatable time and popsicles! 

Fundraising Goals   

Our More Than Conquerors fundraising campaign will direct money to new bathrooms in the old wing and continue the quest to buy newer school buses for the FCS community.

  • If 500 students raise $100, we’ll meet the goal of bathroom renovations and have $5,000 to start a bus fund. 
  • If 500 students raise $200, we’ll meet the goal of bathroom renovations and have $50,000 towards the bus fund. 

We know #thingsarehappeningatfcs, thanks to the Lord and you! 

 FunRunRaiser Sponsors Instructions: 

  1. Sponsors can pay using the GiveNow link and a credit card or checking account.  For record-keeping, your sponsor’s tax records, and class incentive prizes, this is the most preferred sponsorship payment form.  
  2. Sponsors should click on the link to donate and find the specific button for your runner’s class so we can keep track of which class wins the incentive prizes!   
  3. We also accept cash and a physical check.  If your sponsor would prefer paying with cash or check, collect the money and bring it to the office as soon as you can.  Checks are made payable to “FCS.”  These funds cannot be tallied for the incentive prizes, however.