Forcey Needs A Fight Song!

In the time-honored tradition of all great schools, Forcey needs a fight song!

As Forcey continues to flourish, we are looking for a fantastic song to rally FCS strength and unity.  We’d like to have our students (with or without the help of their parents :)) and faculty participate in our efforts by writing and creating possible songs.  Many of you may remember the song written by one teacher and enthusiastically performed by staff at the Forcey Flourish!  Entries received will be entered into a voting competition and voting will be open to the entire FCS community.

The winning song will become a regular part of Forcey tradition and will be performed at our Forcey Flourish Victory Celebration on May 26.  Review the details for requirements and get singing!

Forcey Song Requirements

Purpose:  To embody the strength, intelligence, spirit and speed of what it means to be a Forcey Falcon, to unify the parents, students and faculty of the school, to demonstrate the mission of the school and give Glory to God, to lift the spirits of those competing for the school.

  • Must have sheet music so that it may be both sung and played by the band.
  • Must be uplifting, fast-paced and able to excite a crowd.
  • Must have no more than one or two verses.
  • Must include Forcey’s name in short or long from (Forcey Christian School, FCS, or Forcey) and Forcey’s mascot (Falcon)

Both the music and a short video of students performing the song should be emailed to Todd Landers at by Friday, May 6 at 3 p.m.

Voting will take place via social media during the second week of May.